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Galaxy Maine


Maine Outposts

a list of amateur and profressional astronomical societies that meet and hold events in the area and links to the five planetariums in the state.



Earth Bases is the launching pad to national and international astronomical organizations. Here you will find links to information about deep space, space travel, virtual worlds, astronomy periodicals, teacher resources, sky watching and iconography, myth, & symbolism.


Meet up in the Communicator chat room to discuss topics relating to the universe: telescopes, tips on observing the night sky, discussion of newsworthy events or even debate a theory that goes against the astronomical mainstream. Do you have an opinion on heliocentrism vs.geocentrism? What are your thoughts on relativity or the Big Bang theory? This chat room is for people to explore topics, share information, and compare ideas with others. To log into the Communicator, you will need to create a unique username and password. Click here [link to sign in] to sign in.


gallery astronomy photographer

Galaxy Maine hosts this album of sky and space photographs from around the state. New additions from everyone are welcome, and they can be sent to the Gallery editor easily by e-mail. Post your amateur astronomy images and view other photographer’s work.

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