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Light Trespass and Excessive Skyglow

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Effects on Astronomy

The Sky and UMaine's Outdoor Lighting

Proper lighting is absolutely necessary for any astronomical viewing. The University of Maine makes use of outdoor lighting for the safety of nighttime pedestrians, but these lights can make observing difficult to outright impossible. Unfortunately, poor outdoor lighting has been accepted for so long that even institutions of higher learning continue to install glare-producing fixtures.

Odyssey of the Jordan Observatory

When the Maynard F. Jordan Observatory was built in 1901, it resided at the current site of the Fogler Library. As the school grew around it along with the amount of ambient light produced, the observatory was relocated in 1933 to its current site and what was then the fringe of campus. Now the observatory once again finds itself in the center of an ever-encroaching university, under threat from adjacent glare. Projected to open in the fall of 2014, the new Emera Astronomy Center will become the observatory's latest home, once again shifting our eye on the sky to the darker edge of campus.



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