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Observatory Schedule
AST-110 class LABS

Instructors open the facility for astronomy students Monday thru Thursday evenings.

Monday thru Thursday
For AST-110 Students ONLY


Finding the Observatory

Public Viewing

Most CLEAR Friday and Saturday nights
9:00pm to 11:00pm
(Always call ahead to confirm. See below.)

Everyone is Welcome

Friday evenings feature amateur astronomer Bill Shackelford as your host.

If the sky is clear and the temperature is above +10°F, volunteers will open the observatory for public viewing.

During public hours, the operator will offer a variety of views possibly including the Moon, planets that are currently visible, and deep space objects of beauty and interest. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a look at the heavens through the eyepiece of the antique Alvan Clark 8-inch refractor telescope.

Call ahead after 7pm to check on the status of the observatory for the evening - 581-1341. A recording is up-dated an hour prior to opening the observatory if there will be observing that evening.

Call 581-1348 and press 1 during the first greeting to hear the observing plan for the evening. If it has not been up-dated this evening, the facility may not be opening.

Staff schedules and weather both can interfere with public hours.



Maine weather is changeable so check our Weather page for more information about the current conditions.

View from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory.
This would not be good weather for telescopes.

photo: Alan Davenport

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