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Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Astronomy in Academia

Beyond the horizons of the Jordan Planetarium a universe of opportunity opens to the avid astronomer in search of knowledge.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers courses to allow students a concentration in astronomy with their undergraduate degree in Physics. For graduate students, MS and PhD programs are offered under the tutelage of two outstanding astronomers.


Minors in Physics or Astronomy

The Minor in Physics and the Minor in Astronomy are both flexible programs intended for students enrolled in any four-year degree program at the University of Maine. The programs provide a stronger science and mathematics background. Students choose either physics or astronomy as areas of study.


Minor in Astronomy

-- requires 12 credits in Physics and 9 credits in Astronomy.

Mandatory Courses:
Physics PHY 121/122*, PHY 223, PHY 236
Choose 3 or more Electives:
AST 110, AST 114, AST 215, AST 216, AST 451, AST 497

*may be substituted with PHY 111/112
To explore the possibility of enrollment in a program at the University of Maine, contact the Office of Admissions for more information. 1-877-486-2364
If you are interested in astronomical studies feel free to contact either of these accomplished astronomers at the University of Maine Department of Physics and Astronomy to advise you of the possibilities of expanding your universe.

Prof Batuski's Image
Dr. David Batuski


David Batuski, currently the department chairman, has specialized in studies of the largest structures in the universe.

Office: 117 Bennett Hall Phone #: (207)581-1015 EMail Link:


Neil Comins is best known for his popular book, Heavenly Errors and What If the Moon Didn't Exist.

Office: 314 Bennett Hall
Phone #: (207)581-1037
EMail Link:
URL: Heavenly Errors

Prof Comins' Image
Dr. Neil Comins

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